Apps Connectivity

We provide what the driver’s need by hooking the local application on the mobile phone to be applied to the head unit so that it can be easily used while driving.

OTOApps Solutions

Optima and Local company, have created a analyze to develop and operate OTO app solutions for the Indonesian automotive market. The OTO app offers automakers an affordable and secure automotive apps , available with adaptable content Indonesian region. The OTO app offers local apps covering a variety of use feature such as radio, music, podcast, news portal, retail service, weather, emergency, content streaming services, point of interest recommendations or parking.

Most widely used popular local apps are selected to give the most value and exposure.

Text-to-Speech functions are accurately read out articles, news, texts, in Indonesian Language.
Quality of voice, accent and tone are repetitively tested with as a basic requirement.
Voice learning capability allowing new words, intonation to continuously update its library for more natural voice.
OTOApps voice command specially developed for apps operations in Indonesian
Basic operations Voice Command for all apps such as open, close, play, next, previous, stop.
Voice operation will continue to expand and improve further, to accommodate new apps unique function
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